Feb23 2009

New On Set Candids

I have added some new on set candids of Ed with Chace in the gallery. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t got the chance to see them yet. Thanks to spoilertv for the images.

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Gossip Girl > Behind the Scenes > 2009 > February 23, 2009

Feb12 2009

New Ed Photoshoot

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Feb05 2009

Ed Kswiss Ads!

Ed is looking uber hot in these new ads for Kwiss. Thanks to JustJared for the photos.

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Home > Photoshoots > Ed Westwick > Set 06

Feb03 2009

Lots of Ed Candids

New York Knicks Game – (02.02.09)

Exitting New York Knicks Game

On the Set – (02.02.09)

Jan21 2009

Ed Westwick, the Upper East Side’s hottest heartthrob

Heres an article on Ed recently released from Independent.Co.Uk. In the interview Ed mentions how he loves living in New York, why he thinks so many people like Chuck and yes, he does briefly mention Chuck/Blair. On a side note, season two of Gossip Girl officially premieres in the UK tonight!

A strange thing happens ahead of my meeting with Ed Westwick aka ‘Gossip Girl”s smooth-talking, flash-dressing bad boy Chuck Bass: I start to get inundated with texts and phone calls from England, all of them asking the same thing: “Have you interviewed him yet? What’s he like? Phone me immediately you’ve finished and let me know.”

The people making these phone calls are otherwise sane, rational human beings of both sexes, yet their interest in ‘Gossip Girl”s most devious gossip boy appears to verge on obsession. Not since a long ago interview with a pre-‘Shameless’ James McAvoy have so many people been so keen to ask me what an interviewee is really like.

The answer is that, like McAvoy, Westwick is likeable, candid and down-to-earth. When we meet on a cold Sunday night in a Manhattan bar, he starts talking the instant we sit down, pausing only to order a beer: “Sorry if my voice sounds a bit odd, we were just doing this crazy shoot for ‘Rolling Stone’ and they made us pretend to have a pillow fight so the feathers got everywhere and now I keep thinking that I’ve got some stuck in my throat. I’ll probably start choking or something.”

Stray feathers apart, it appears that little fazes Westwick who manages to be refreshingly open about life in the spotlight while remaining both unbothered by the idea of fame and by the notion that it might stop him doing whatever he fancies. “It can be crazy,” he admits referring to the attention devoted to ‘Gossip Girl”s young cast by the New York paparazzi. “But I came to a decision once everything started taking off that I wasn’t going to be imprisoned by it [success]. I didn’t see the need to restrict myself, if I want to go out and get pissed up then I’m going to go out and get pissed up. As long as it’s not damaging me or anyone else then I don’t think it’s a problem.”

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Jan15 2009

Spotted: Ed Goes Shopping

It looks like Leighton wasn’t the only one spotted in NYC this week. Heres a candid photo of Ed on the streets of NY doing some shopping. It looks like he’s on a well deserved day off from filming.

Jan14 2009

Ed Westwick on The View

Ed Westwick was on The View this morning with Chace Crawford. I added a few caps of the interview in the gallery. Thanks to Ed-Westwick.Org for the video.

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