02×15 – Gone With The Will Recap

I have added captures of last night’s episode, “Gone With The Will.” Click on read more for a full recap of Chuck and Blair during the episode.

The episode begins with the arrival of Chuck’s uncle Jack for the reading of the will. We than see Blair who walks into the scene and greets Jack saying that Chuck wanted her there for support. Jack makes a remark and says that the only thing Chuck needs help and support on was how his bank account was going to expand after inheriting millions of dollars from his father. Jack than invited Blair to come out with him tonight but she shows no interest. Jack says that it didn’t seem like that on New Years but Blair quickly makes it clear to him that “whatever” happened between them that night meant nothing to her. Jack fires back and brings up how it won’t mean “nothing” to Chuck. Just then we see Chuck make his way up to them when Jack teases Blair in telling Chuck. Blair tells him no and Jack smartly responses with “Aww, no one wants to play today huh?”

We jump into a the reading of Bart’s will scene and learn that Bart has left Bass Industries to Chuck. Jack is not happy and Chuck agrees to give Jack the company. Blair however convinces Chuck to take over the Bass Inc. because she believes in him. Later in the episode Chuck tells Jack that he has changed his mind and will be going by his father’s wishes. Not happy about this, Jack leaves the office and has a plan to sabatoage Chuck. He phones Blair and kindly asked her to set up a brunch to celebrate Chuck’s inheritance of Bass Inc.

Later that night Chuck comes home to find Jack in his suite. Jack invites him to celebrate and he ends up canceling his dinner date with Blair and tells her through a text message that he was working late and couldn’t make it. Chuck spends the entire night partying with Jack with three other ladies not aware of Jack’s plot to sabatoage him in brunch the next morning.

The following morning during the brunch, the board of the Bass Industries are there to meet Chuck. Jack tells them that Chuck is in the office upstairs hard at work and suggested for Blair to take them to meet Chuck. Blair leads the way with the board into Chuck’s office. There with drugs on the table is a drunk Chuck sitting on the desk with two females. Blair who looks upset takes off shortly after the board introduces themselves to Chuck behind. Chuck trails after them and walks into the brunch not knowing what was going on. He approaches the board and informs them that he has no idea they were going to be here today. The board tells him that they knew that this was repuation but they gave him the benefit of a doubt but by the looks of things he was that way and they didn’t know what was Bart thinking leaving the company to him. The board than leaves and Blair confronts Chuck. Chuck is pissed and asked Blair if she set this brunch up for him. Blair says she did and he rudely pushes her away telling her that he doesn’t need her help and she should stop playing the wife.

Chuck approaches Jack later and asked him how he can do such a thing already knowing that he was set up by his uncle. Jack tells Chuck that he did that to himself and he was right when he said that he wasn’t ready to take over the company. Chuck says something along the lines of that the company is not Jack’s and his father left it to him. Jack then informs Chuck that Bass Inc is now his because the board decided to replace Chuck with his legal guardian (Jack) because of his behavior. Chuck looks livid and shocked by the news as Jack walks out of the room.

Blair is scene at home when the elevator door opens and Chuck is standing before her with roses in his hand. He hands it to her and tells her that he’s sorry. Blair takes the roses but tells Chuck that its too late and attempts to shut the doors on him but he blocks it from closing shut. Chuck says that Jack set him up but Blair ignores this and says that she really did believe in him as well as Bart. Chuck is silence as Blair continues to tell him that all she wanted to do is be there for him but when he called her his wife, he made it sound like the ugliest word in the world. Chuck tries to explain but she cuts him off and tells him that she’s done with him. Blair than throws the roses back at him as the elevator doors close.