‘Wicked City’ Cast Says ABC Serial Killer Show Will Push Boundaries Of Network TV

The cast of the upcoming ABC anthology series “Wicked City” sat down recently to talk a bit about the show. Jeremy Sisto revealed that the series, which is about a Bonnie and Clyde-esque duo of serial killers in the 1980s, will include some “dark stuff” that will definitely push the boundaries of what’s allowed on network television.

Sisto added that the killer duo operates in a place (Los Angeles Sunset Strip 1982) that is “infamous for its glam but also for its dark underbelly.”

Erika Christensen also pointed out that the characters live in “such an over-sexualized society, so we want to kind of bring it back and put things in context, like, this is crazy, remember? I think the fact that it’s on ABC actually helps that. It kind of puts it back in context.”

The show follows Kent (Ed Westwick), a man who lures young women to their deaths, and Betty (Christensen), a nurse and mother of two children.

Their paths cross one night, and although Kent plans on making Betty his next victim, he decides against it when he realizes she’s a mom. They form a twisted sexual bond that leads to her becoming his partner in crime.

Detective Jack Roth (Sisto) investigates the countless murders going on in L.A. Entertainment Weekly revealed that Roth’s wife, Liz, will be played by Jaime Ray Newman.

Liz notices her husband’s preoccupation with the case and worries that he will stray again with Detective Dianne Garrett or someone else.

The plot also involves a young wannabe journalist named Karen McClaren (Taissa Farmiga), who saw one of Kent’s victims the night she died. Has Karen finally found the big story that can jumpstart her career?

“Wicked City” premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Fashion N Style