Why We Love Them

♥ Because they are Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck.
♥ Because he wants to play a part in her deflowering. Even if it’s a little one.
♥ Because they love to make scheming plans together.
♥ Because they both hate Brooklyn.
♥ Because he doesn’t need clues to find her. Nate does.
♥ Because she was amazing up there.
♥ Because limo’s are sacred.
♥ Because he knows it’s over between Blair and Nate.
♥ Because he bought her the present she most wanted.
♥ Because he sounds like a jealous boyfriend.
♥ Because he hasn’t slept, he feels sick, like there’s something in his stomach.. .fluttering.
♥ Because they both hate Georgina Sparks.
♥ Because he wants her to save a dance for him.
♥ Because he doesn’t give up. Even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
♥ Because she doesn’t belong with Nate.
♥ Because she is lying about her feelings for Marcus.
♥ Because he fired an employee just for her.
♥ Because he should have never abandoned her.
♥ Because there are three words, eight letters… and one of them should just say it.
♥ Because ‘I’m Chuck Bass’ doesn’t count.
♥ Because she is still holding his hand.
♥ Because she is already his and he is ruining the mood.
♥ Because she will never say those words to him.
♥ Because he was the one who started it and she was the one who finished it.
♥ Because they like the game.
♥ Because he rather waits.
♥ Because they have tonight. Shut up and dance with him.
♥ Because she wants to come with him.
♥ Because she loves him.
♥ Because she cares.
♥ Because she will always be there.
♥ Because he knows he screwed up.
♥ Because she believes in him.
♥ Because he is the one trying to help her.
♥ Because he knows her better then he knows himself.
♥ Because this is not the Blair he wants.
♥ Because Nate is been there, done that. Got dumped twice.
♥ Because he knows there is no spark between Blair and Nate.
♥ Because they had fireworks.
♥ Because she fought for him.
♥ Because she spends the night in a car with Chuck instead of her apartment with Nate.
♥ Because he knows her weakness for limos.
♥ Because he laughs true when she is around.
♥ Because he wants her to be happy.
♥ Because if it’s real, they’ll figure it out.
♥ Because he loves her. And he can’t make her happy.
♥ Because he voted for her. About a 100 times.
♥ Because he knew about the scrapbook.
♥ Because he wants her to have the perfect night.
♥ Because he prefers to talk after.
♥ Because she needs to stop telling him how he feels.
♥ Because last year he told Nate. This year he told Serena.
♥ Because she loves him so much it consumes her.
♥ Because he went to Europe. And she caught up with him everywhere he went.
♥ Because he loves her too.
♥ Because he can say it twice.
♥ Because she can believe him this time.
♥ Because he doesn’t want her to sleep in the dorms.
♥ Because he has a girlfriend.
♥ Because he wants her to be happy, however that’s achieved.
♥ Because this glass is way to dirty.
♥ Because he had a headache and didn’t stash a girl somewhere.
♥ Because they could never be boring.
♥ Because he is not Chuck Bass without her.
♥ Because he was right about the dorms.
♥ Because he is okay now Blair is with him.
♥ Because they deserve eachother (according to Marcus)
♥ Because they both use people.
♥ Because he doesn’t want her to go with someone else.