The Story

Its true that opposites may attract but between Blair and Chuck, I think its safe to say that there is hope for those couples who simply are alike in many ways. Like Westwick said its putting “fire with fire.”

At the beginning of the series Chuck and Blair were nothing more but friends. They were connected through Chuck’s best friend Nate Archibald who was dating Blair at the time. During an episode entitled, ‘Poison Ivy’ we witness Blair and Chuck scheme and plot against a newly returned Serena and they seemed rather comfortable doing so. It was the way Blair had answered the phone when Chuck called to dig up the dirt on Serena. Blair was sitting on the couch with Nate and covered the conversation she was having with Chuck by acting like she was talking to her mother. The scene made us all believe that this wasn’t the first time these two got together to take someone down. It was made clear by the end of the episode that when it came to secret scheming and evil plotting, Blair and Chuck do it best together.

As Blair’s relationship with Nate takes its first downfall, Blair gets into limo which was headed to Victorla, burlesque club that was recently bought by Chuck. When Blair arrives at the club, she informs Chuck that her and Nate just broken up and that she didn’t want to talk about it. Blair lets herself loose during the night by going up on the stage and stripping in front of the whole club including Chuck who suddenly becomes smitten by her. Later that night in the limo, Blair looses her virginity to Chuck.

All Blair wants for het birthday is to get back together with Nate. She thinks Nate bought her a pearl neckless. At her party she discovers Chuck bought it for her. Chuck reveals he feels fluttering in his stomach. Blair can not believe that Chuck has feelings for her. They make a bet. If Nate calls her at midnight, Chuck leaves Blair alone. If he doesn’t, then Blair is Chuck’s for the evening. Nate does not call her.

They don’t want Nate to find out anything so they sneak around. Nate wants to get back with Blair, so they go to cottilion together. Chuck tries to sabotage this. It doesn’t work because Nate ends up with Blair that night. Chuck feels really hurt. He treatens Blair to tell Nate about them, if she doesn’t stop seeing him. Blair doesn’t really care anymore. Nate is his friend too. She thinks Chuck doesn’t want Nate to find out.

Later on, Serena thinks Blair might be pregnant. Because Blair avoids the whole issue, Serena tells Chuck. It’s false alarm. Chuck sends a blast to Gossip Girl anyway about Blair sleeping with two guys in one week. Jenny tells Nate who the other guy is. So then it’s over between Blair and Nate but also between Chuck and Nate.
Nobody but Serena wants to be seen with Blair anymore so she turns to Chuck. Only for him to tell her that he doesn’t want her anymore. Blair leaves.

Chuck and Blair come back together in episode 1×17 Woman on the Verge when they have to help Serena. When Blair discovers where Georgina Sparks is, she goes to Chuck for another scheme. He says lets’s get the bitch. The next morning they wake up together in Blair’s bed. Blair kicks him out. Chuck has a best man’s speech to write anyway.

Later before Lily and Bart’s wedding begins, they talk about how well their Georgina plan worked. Chuck asks for a dance but Blair says they have nothing in common anymore now Georgina left.

Chuck gives his speech but when he sees Blair he puts down the paper. He talks from his heart now.
Blair finds Chuck to dance with him. They kiss and make up. Chuck agreed to go to Tuscany with Blair for the summer. But when his father tells him he is going to be a changed man when he returns, Chuck gets scared. He leaves Blair alone.