Leighton Meester – Facts

♥ Leighton has a tattoo on her left arm. It’s a blue flower with yellow middle.

♥ Leighton is close friends with her Gossip Girl co-stars Chace Crawford and Nicole Fiscella. She says it’s because they’re “all just really happy people” and “have the same views on life.

♥ As of 2007, Leighton resides in New York. She first moved there with her mother when she was 11. She says it’s her favourite city in the whole world.

♥ At the Teen Choice Awards 2008, Leighton was nominated for categories “Choice TV Actress: Drama” and “Choice TV Breakout Female Star” for her performance as Blair in Gossip Girl. She won in the category “Choice TV Actress: Drama” in 2009 for her role on the show.

♥ Leighton admits she is addicted to sending text messages. She says she constantly does this while waiting on set of the series Gossip Girl.

♥ Leighton, along with Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick, was nominated for TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars on TV for 2008. She was also named FHM Online’s Hottest Star on Television in 2008.

♥ Some of Leighton’s favorite designers are Valentino, Fluxus, Donatella Versace and Foley & Corrina.

♥ Leighton admires actress Cate Blanchett’s personal fashion style.

♥ Leighton teamed up with the band Cobra Starship on their single “Good Girls Go Bad”, starring in the music video and singing one of the verses. The song appeared in an episode of Leighton’s show, Gossip Girl.

♥ Leighton became interested in acting after appearing in a local performance of The Wizard Of Oz.

♥ Leighton is of Dutch ancestry.

♥ As of 2008, Leighton has been dating Sebastian Stan, who appeared as Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl.

♥ Leighton graduated from Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California.

♥ Leighton’s character Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl was ranked #5 in TV Guide magazine’s list of Best-dressed TV Characters of 2007.

♥ When she was young, Leighton took ballet and jazz classes. She also took modern dance classes once she was in high school.

♥ In 2003, Leighton appeared in the movie The Jackalope as Lorraine. In 2007, she appeared in the made-for-TV movie The Haunting of Sorority Row and the comedy-horror Killer Movie, alongside.

♥ Leighton loves gossiping with Nicole Fiscella on the Gossip Girl set.

♥ Leighton loves creative writing. She is a published poet, and her mother is a writer.

♥ Leighton has been featured on the magazine covers for Teen (Spring 2008), and Lucky (August 2008).

♥ Leighton has a passion for singing and writes the lyrics for her own songs. She sung a song called “Inside the Black” for her movie Drive Thru.

♥ Leighton is a fan of Chris Cornell, Neil Young and Incubus. Her favorite song is “Out On The Weekend” by Neil Young.

♥ After moving to New York City, Leighton worked as a model with the Wilhemina agency.

♥ Leighton made her television debut at the age of 13 in an episode of Law & Order.

♥ Leighton is naturally blond but dyed her hair brunette even before she got the role of Blair on Gossip Girl.

♥ Leighton’s older brother, Douglas Meester, was a US Air Force Academy cadet who was accused of raping an eighteen-year-old female cadet in 2002.

♥ Leighton’s last name, Meester, is Dutch, and means “Master” or “Teacher”. The “ee” is pronounded “ea”, the same way as the “ea” in “ear”.

♥ She has worked with famous photographer Sofia Coppola.

♥ She also speaks fluent French.

♥ Her mother is of Spanish descent.

♥ Grew up in Marco Island, Florida

♥ Leighton is right-handed.

♥ She has been a big fan of actor Kiefer Sutherland, even before she guest starred on his show 24.

♥ Her best friend is actress Emmy Rossum.

♥ Has a dog named Trudy.

♥ (February 15, 2014) Secretly married her boyfriend of a year Adam Brody following a 2-month-long engagement.

♥ Leighton’s guilty pleasure is flying first class.

♥ Leighton is 5’5″ (1.65 metres) tall.