Ed Westwick – Fun Facts

♥ When in an interview Ed was asked about how much money he has in his wallet, he admitted that he doesn’t own a wallet.

♥ Ed eventually wants to start a musical movement in New York City, as his own band, The Filthy Youth, is in England and they don’t have enough time to practice together.

♥ Ed is a huge fan of David Beckham, since he was a little boy. Beckham was the one he watched growing up and Ed even had a Beckham shirt when he was a kid.

♥ Ed saw “I heart romance” in a bathroom of a bar, and now he wants to have a tattoo of it.

♥ Ed says the most annoying thing about Gossip Girl is having to shave everyday.

♥ In 2008 and 2009, Ed was voted Teen Choice Award’s Choice TV Villain for his role in Gossip Girl.

♥ Ed gets his inspiration for bad boy character Chuck, on Gossip Girl, by imitating the people he has met in his life who have been selfish, arrogant and inconsiderate.

♥ Ed got the role of Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl when his manager flew him to Los Angeles to explore all the different shows available for audition. The Gossip Girl pilot script was by far his favorite, so he auditioned and got the role.

♥ Ed’s trademark is ripping the top of his T-shirts.

♥ Ed loves to wear black skinny jeans because he likes the way their tight fit accentuates his body.

♥ Ed is able to speak in an American accent without any dialect coaching, just listening to others speak and practicing the movement of his tongue.

♥ Ed says if he could trade places with anyone in the world for one day, it would be with an explorer in the Amazon or in Vietnam.

♥ The weirdest thing any fan has given him was a lunchbox with pictures of him and Chuck Bass plastered on the covers.

♥ Ever since he was young, Ed has enjoyed impersonating characters so much that he used to do impressions for his parents.

♥ Ed chooses to stay away from alcohol, and when people ask him why, he exclaims that he is underage.

♥ Ed says his first kiss was at the age of 6.

♥ Ed Westwick was attending North Herts College when he filmed Breaking and Entering.

♥ Ed says he would like to see Daniel Day-Lewis or Chace Crawford try to portray him in a movie.

♥ Ed is the frontman for a band called Filthy Youth, an Indie/Rock group.

♥ Ed had worked behind the scenes on some films such as, The Hills Have Eyes and Resident Evil Apocalypse.

♥ Ed likes watching Gossip Girl.

♥ Ed is very good friends with all his Gossip Girl co-stars, especially Chace Crawford. They all hang out together.

♥ Ed is British, but he puts on an American accent in Gossip Girl.

♥ His favorite piece to play with his band is “Le Soleil.”

♥ Ed’s a huge fan of the band, The Doors. He also enjoys listening to The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and The Kinks

♥ His favorite movie is The Godfather and his favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson. His favorite website is MSN.co.uk and his favorite meal at McDonalds is the Happy Meal.

♥ Ed has two older brothers.

♥ Son of Rambow, in which Ed stars, sold for the highest amount at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival to Paramount Vantage.

♥ Ed originally auditioned for the role of Nate on Gossip Girl but instead was given the role of Chuck.

♥ When not shooting Gossip Girl, he resides just outside London.

♥ Ed’s father, Peter, lectures in business studies and his mother, Carole, is an educational psychologist.

♥ Dream Job: Landscape Gardening.

♥ Cites American Psycho (2000) as one of his favorite films, and frequently watches it with his Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford.

♥ During an interview with Radio 1 he said that his favorite movies are The Dark Knight and The Godfather Part II.

♥ His best friend is English actor Rafi Gavron. They met on the set of their movie Breaking and Entering.

♥ He was romantically involved with his Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr. (December 2008 – April 2010)

♥ The part of Chuck Bass was almost recast when Ed Westwick couldn’t secure a work visa to travel to the U.S. His paperwork came through the day before the Gossip Girl pilot began shooting.

♥ Ed Westwick has “21G” (short for 21 grams) tattooed just below his left shoulder, a reference to the purported weight of the human soul.

♥ Ed Westwick partly modeled Chuck Bass’ American accent on the character Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

♥ Ed Westwick’s weirdest fan gift? “He gave me my very own Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick lunchbox. I believe he made it himself,” Westwick said.

♥ Ed had his first girlfriend when he was 15.

♥ Ed Westwick is a life long supporter of Queens Park Rangers FC.

♥ Ed says his worst habit is biting his nails.

♥ Cites American Psycho as one of his favorite films, and frequently watches it with his Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford.

♥ He is the face of the 2011/12 campaign for the Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe.

♥ Ed made his television debut in 2006 in the TV series Doctors.

♥ Ed is 5’8″ (1.73 m) tall.

♥ When not shooting Gossip Girl, he resides just outside London.

♥ Ed is left-handed.