Feb03 2009

OMFG! New GG Set Candids.

I think my heart just broke, I’m speechless…Thanks to spoiler tv for the scoop. Thoughts, anyone?

It’s true. As we teased in last week’s Spoiler Chat, a core couple is reuniting on Gossip Girl. The just-released location photo above means that hot little kitty is debagged, and my sources confirm what your eyes are seeing: Gossip Girl’s newest (old) hookup is Blair (Leighton Meester) and Nate (Chace Crawford). Gasp!

What does this mean for the epic romance that is Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick)? And why the frak are Nate and Blair back to nooky anyway? I’ve got the exclusive scoop…

Sources tell me that unlike Blair and Chuck’s deep adversarial passion, the renewed Blair and Nate coupling is about familiarity and comfort.

According to one insider, “Blair and Nate are both at a crossroads. Blair has to accept she isn’t going to Yale. Nate is being sucked into his family’s expectations, and they are both there for each other and enjoy the familiarity. At first it’s platonic, but, of course, that doesn’t last long.”

Blate. Blah.

Still, don’t worry, Bluck fans. Even though Nate and Blair are playing tonsil hockey for the time being, I have it on good authority that Blair and Chuck have not been forgotten. For that matter, Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz just told the Chicago Tribune’s wonderful Mo Ryan, “We get that that [relationship] works for people.”

So in the grand tradition of the Derena merry-go-round (“Dan Serena Dan Serena whoo!”), Chuck and Blair’s time will come around again. But can you stand the wait? Will you watch between now and then? Post in the comments!

Source: Watch With Kirsten

Feb03 2009

02×17 – Carnal Knowledge

I have added over 400 captures from last night’s episode, “Carnal Knowledge.” In the episode Blair escapes her way out of being kicked out of school and Chuck throughout the whole episode goes on a journey to uncover the mystery of a secret society he was mistakenly lured in. Not the episode for us Chair fans, but we all can just hope we get them in the next episodes to come after the hiatus.

Feb03 2009

Lots of Ed Candids

New York Knicks Game – (02.02.09)

Exitting New York Knicks Game

On the Set – (02.02.09)

Feb01 2009

Portrait Magazine: Top Ten TV Ships 2009

Chuck and Blair top Portrait Magazine’s Top 10 TV Ships, the 2009 edition!

#1. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf [Gossip Girl]
“Three words. Eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.”

Competition was fierce but in the end, Blair and Chuck conquered all to take out our coveted #1 position, leaping up from their #5 debut last year. And really is it any surprise that these two are #1? Gossip Girl is the latest IT thing so is this duo. They began as confidantes and scheming partners. She was dating his best friend and they ran in the same social circles. Yet somewhere along the sniping and bantering, the feisty pair realised that there was something there between them. He tried to fight his feelings, while she pretended that she didn’t care. But in the end you just can’t fight passion, chemistry, and of course love. They might not be together right now, but everyone know that these guys are endgame and the chase and bickering is all part of the game. Besides they are Chuck and Blair – they can do what they like.

Classic Shipper Moment: There’s never a dull moment around these two. But that’s not to say that the games these two play don’t hurt nor affect them because they do. As much as fans like to watch Chuck and Blair antagonize each other, it is the tender moments that make fans love them even more. They feel for each other so deeply that they take even greater precautions to make sure that they don’t mess it up. Even if it means waiting. Was there any fan watching that wasn’t affected by this touching scene?

Jan31 2009

Two More 02×17 Sneak Peeks

SpoilerTV has posted up two more sneak peeks of this Monday’s new episode and they both include Blair! Check them out now.

Jan30 2009

TV Guide’s Sexiest Poll Vote for Chair!

Show your love by voting for Chuck and Blair in TV Guide’s Sexiest polls. The results will be posted in the March issue. Vote now here. Among the other polls, you can also vote for Gossip Girl on sexiest cast and our Chuck on sexiest style.

Jan30 2009

02×17 Carnal Knowledge – Sneak Peek

Jan28 2009

02×17 – Carrnal Knowledge Extended Promo

So yeah, we didn’t get to see Chuck in the first promo but he’s in the extended version and boy does this upcoming episode look steamy!

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