Apr18 2014

Tribeca Film Festival: Leighton Meester has no barriers in ‘Life Partners’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When Leighton Meester signed on to the BFF dramedy Life Partners, she never imagined she’d try something Blair Waldorf would never even consider: going off script.

“What you see is mostly improvised,” explains Meester, who stars as underachieving lesbian Sasha in the film directed by Susanna Fogel and written by Joni Lefkowitz. “I hadn’t had a lot of experience with free-for-all improvisation, but I felt that trying new things was really fun and helped make me feel more connected to the character. She [Sasha] is flawed, and that’s what I related to most.”

As Sasha, Meester wears frumpy clothes, curses like a sailor, drinks red wine straight out of the bottle, goes on a fair amount of really (really) bad dates, and has back-burner dreams of becoming a song writer while she works a low-level assistant job. She’s also completely co-dependent on her hetero BFF Paige (Gillian Jacobs), with whom she happily spends most of her time watching The Bachelor and eating sheet cake straight from the pan. But it wouldn’t be a comedy unless things went south, and they do: when Paige meets and gets serious with quirky dermatologist Tim (Meester’s real-life husband Adam Brody), Sasha feels left behind. This premise of growing up and keeping old friendships is one that rang true for Meester.

“I’ve felt those feelings of being fearful of change and having a lot invested in your friendships,” notes Meester. “This felt a lot like real life.”

Keeping things genuine was true for her off-camera relationship with Jacobs as well. “We both have a similar sense of humor, which really worked out,” says Meester of her co-star in the film, which premieres at Tribeca on April 18. “And the willingness to do embarrassing things or geek out with each other, I think, was major for me and probably for her too.”

That professed willingness to “geek out” is a far cry from Park Avenue princess Blair Waldorf, whom Meester played on teen drama Gossip Girl for six seasons. But it’s a welcome change – and part of a growing number of indie films that Meester has done since the show ended in 2012.

“I’ve been making my way away from my show that I was on for a really long time, doing things that stay away from the textbook way of having a career,” says Meester, whose film premiere at Tribeca coincides with her debut in Of Mice and Men on Broadway. “The best part about it is that I can have fun and experience different roles, sometimes uncomfortably so. I’m not ever some sort of bikini-clad girl in a superhero movie or a damsel in distress.”

In fact, the 28-year-old says, consider Life Partners the type of project fans can expect going forward.
“I see very few female roles that come my way that are strong, defined, or independent of male storylines,” says Meester. “This movie is about women and their friendship, lives, and careers – things that interest them other than dating, guys, love, and sex. My character is the type that speaks to all kinds of women and is characteristic of what I hope to keep doing.”

Take a look at an exclusive clip of Life Partners below.

Source: EW

Apr18 2014

Of Mice and Men Broadway Opening Night – April 16, 2014

Of Mice and Men finally premiered on Broadway last Wednesday! Here are photos and videos of the event and after party!

Apr18 2014

Leighton Meester Calls Husband Adam Brody a “Pesky Guy,” Says Working With Him Was “Incredible”

Newlyweds Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have remained quiet about their relationship and are letting some adorable photographs do the talking. But the actress, who is currently starring in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, opened up about working with her husband in the upcoming comedy Life Partners.

“Yeah, that pesky guy,” the Gossip Girl alum joked with Newsday during a recent interview about their onscreen collaboration. “It’s about finding each other, and how it kinda hurts to change and grow…for the better, even. It was the best. We basically got to say whatever came to our minds. There was a lot of improv.”

Meester portrays a lesbian in the flick, while Brody is a charming doctor. Gillian Jacobs also stars in the film as Meester’s best friend.

The 28-year-old brunette beauty admitted that it was fun appearing on the big screen with the O.C. actor and it “came along by chance.”

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna be playing the person you’re not dating,'” she told the newspaper with a chuckle. She continued: ‘”That OK? I’m gonna be playing the opposite of that.’ And yeah, I’m biased—but he’s incredible in it.”
Life Partners is set to premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

The adorable couple, both bundled up in matching puffy black coats, were most recently spotted smooching on April 2 in Manhattan. Brody tenderly cupped his wife’s face with his left hand, resulting in a picture-perfect clear view of his wedding band.

Source: EOnline!

Apr18 2014

Leighton out and about – April

Added bunch of candids of Leighton out and about in New York! Enjoy!

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Apr09 2014

Happy Birthday Leighton!


It’s Leighton’s Birthday today! She turns 28 years old! Hoping she has a fabulous birthday!

Apr04 2014

Leighton and Dana Williams cover Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Mar21 2014

Broadway’s “Of Mice And Men” First Curtain Call – March 19, 2014

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Mar21 2014

2 Last Flight Trailers ft. Ed Westwick

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